The lead beneficiary on the project is The Public City Transport Enterprise of Novi Sad, and the project partner is University of Szeged.

The main result of the project „Joint Public Transport Information System as a Unified Model“ (UniTransModel) is a joint webportal for end users with the purpose of planning trips on the territory of Vojvodina and Dél-Alföld Region. The end user has the possibility to enter desirable departure and arrival geopoints with parameters such as time of departure, means of transport, and priority regarding price or total travel time. A response is a list of potential travel plans that respect the provided criteria. There is also a possibility for visualising a travel plan on a map. The user has a possibility to search data stored in a database: routes, lines, trips, stops.

The UniTransModel project stimulates traveling by public transport means and tourism. The project directly addresses issues such as health, safety and environment. The users have the opportunity to search healthy means of transport (e.g. Rent-a-bike), and walking is also an option for planning the route. By stimulating the usage of public transport we advocate and promote environmental friendly means of transportation as well as safety on road by cutting down the number of cars on roads.

The project provides an opportunity for tourists to learn more about Serbia and Hungary by enabling them to also search tourist sites through the applications that are developed. In this way the project also contributes to the development of local economies.

The „Joint Public Transport Information System as a Unified Model“ is a project realized within the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme.